A dwarven Warden whose stutter belies a steady hand...and hammer.


Brennus was content as a mere craftsman, coaxing ever more intricate and beautiful shapes from wood and stone. Indeed, his craft was his life, but after years of practice, he found that he could progress no further. Try as he might, inspiration would not find him, but gnawing at the back of his mind was the ever-present certainty that there was more to be done, new feats of artistry to be performed, if only he could somehow listen to what hid within that stone and wood itself.

This certainty soon made his everyday work intolerable, for Brennus would not allow himself to produce second-rate work when he knew he could do better. And so, one day Brennus locked his shop, left the underground passages of his village, and entered the world above to find the voice that hid within the wood and stone.

Six years later, Brennus emerged from the wilds a changed dwarf. He had indeed learned to hear the secret voice of wood and wind, stone and water. But with it came an augmented affinity for nature that eclipsed even his passion for artistry, and more importantly, a new understanding of the world. The pillars and doors he wrought in his shop were not to be understood in isolation; rather, their purpose, no matter their individual worth, was in their support of a larger whole. Even the sculptures he made for the nobility were themselves serving a larger aesthetic, a grander plan in the mind’s eye of their owner.

So too did Brennus now see himself. Not only was he more keenly aware of his place within the great mystery of nature, but now he also truly understood his place in the world of men: to support those who deserved his strength, to protect those worthy of his shield.

And so he came to Alan’s Crossing to see what role he might play there. How he came to work for the Hayes Detective Agency…now that’s another story.


The Hayes Detective Agency Faust